Safety Training Innovators was created with the main goal of providing top quality workshops to Safety Professionals who want to achieve industry recognized Safety credentials

Who Are We?

Our staff consists of highly experienced  professionals who have a wide range of experiences in Healthcare, Emergency Management and General Industry.

Boards Represented

Safety Training Innovators is one of the leading providers of preparation courses for both the International Board for Certification of Safety Managers (IBFCSM) and the Institute for Safety and Health Management (ISHM).


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The CHCM (Certified Hazard Control Manager)  applies managerial techniques to eliminate or control unsafe and unhealthy conditions. It also deals with behaviors and other factors detrimental to people and property. Established in 1976, the CHCM certification has attracted high caliber Hazard Control Managers who are the achievers and leaders in industry, government, and education. The CHCM Directory has become a "Who's Who" in the field of Hazard Control Management. The essence of the philosophy behind the CHCM is that safety and health administrators must understand and apply management principles in order to effectively manage hazard control programs. These ideas are familiar to a number of professionals, but relatively few have successfully put them into practice. Safety and health professionals can greatly improve their opportunities for advancement by acquiring and coupling management abilities with technical skills. Most organizations seek individuals who possess such talents, seeking career advancement and recognition. Additional information on the CHCM certification process can be obtained from the International Board for Certification of Safety Manager's website.


Safety Training Innovators provides classroom CHCM test preparation and then proctors the actual CHCM examination  thereafter. The completed sealed tests are returned directly to the Board, and the student will be advised by the Board on their certification status.




  • Evaluating and certifying the capabilities of practitioners engaged in the administration of hazard control programs in the areas of safety, health, and environmental management.
  • Raising the level of competence of hazard control managers by encouraging a more professional administration of hazard control or safety programs.
  • Providing status and recognition for individual practitioners who meet certification requirements.
  • Facilitating exchange of ideas to improve administration of hazard control or safety programs.

To download the application and reference forms and for additional information on the board, please go to http://www.ibfcsm.org/application.php and http://www.ibfcsm.org/ref.php