Safety Training Innovators was created with the main goal of providing top quality workshops to Safety Professionals who want to achieve industry recognized Safety credentials

Who Are We?

Our staff consists of highly experienced  professionals who have a wide range of experiences in Healthcare, Emergency Management and General Industry.

Boards Represented

Safety Training Innovators is one of the leading providers of preparation courses for both the International Board for Certification of Safety Managers (IBFCSM) and the Institute for Safety and Health Management (ISHM).


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The Board of Certified Hazard Control Management (BCHCM) also known as the International Board for Certification of Safety Managers founded the CHSP designation in 1978. More than 2,900 hospital and healthcare personnel have earned this prestigious designation since 1979. The program supports the systematic approach of managing healthcare safety hazards. The examination of 100-120 questions addresses risks or hazards found in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The American Society of Healthcare Risk Managers (ASHRM) lists the CHSP as one of the qualifying elements for their prestigious Risk Management Fellow Program. The CHSP exam covers the entire field of healthcare safety to include employee safety, infection control, safety management, hazardous materials, safety standards and codes, patient safety, risk & quality, and general facility safety. Additional information on the CHSP certification process can be obtained from the International Board for Certification of Safety Manager's website.


Safety Training Innovators provides classroom CHSP test preparation and then proctors the actual CHSP examination thereafter. The completed sealed tests are returned directly to the Board, and the student will be advised by the Board on their certification status.

Certification Objectives

Evaluating and certifying the capabilities of practitioners engaged in the administration of healthcare safety practice.
Raising the level of competence of healthcare safety professionals by encouraging the use of management, leadership, and system principles.
Providing the status and recognition for individual practitioners who meet certification requirements.
Facilitating the exchange of ideas to improve the administration and effectiveness of healthcare safety programs.

Summary of Qualification Requirements & Basic Application Documents

Qualification to sit for the exam is based on experience and/or education. You do not have to hold a degree to qualify for the program at the Senior or Associate Levels. There are three levels of certification: Master, Senior, and Associate. The level assigned is dependent upon relevant experience and/or formal education. The Master Level is the highest attainable status and certifies that the individual possesses the knowledge and skills to effectively manage comprehensive safety programs.

To download the application and reference forms and for additional information on the board, please go to http://www.ibfcsm.org/application.php and http://www.ibfcsm.org/ref.php