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Safety Training Innovators is one of the leading providers of preparation courses for both the International Board for Certification of Safety Managers (IBFCSM) and the Institute for Safety and Health Management (ISHM).


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Our staff consists of highly experienced  professionals who have a wide range of experiences in Healthcare, Emergency Management and General Industry.


The CPSM (Certified Product Safety Manager) certification is the application of engineering and managerial control techniques to identify, evaluate, and eliminate or reduce risks, involving conditions and practices related to products of all types, over their total life cycles. In this endeavor, all products in "steam of commerce" are involved. The CPSM has been in existence since 1979. For more information, click here


1. To evaluate the qualifications of those engaged in the administration of product safety management programs and whose responsibilities and activities encompass broad aspects of product safety. 

2. To certify as proficient, those individuals who, in the opinion of the Board, meet the level of competence and proficiency deemed suitable for this recognition. 

3. To facilitate the exchange and transfer of knowledge and ideas among professionals, companies, and industries, to improve the administration of product safety programs. 

4. To increase the competence and stimulate continued development of those working professionally as product safety managers. 

5. To provide recognition and status to those individuals who by education, experience, and leadership and considered experts in this field. 

Recognition and Advancement

 Product safety professionals can greatly improve their opportunities for advancement by acquiring and developing their administrative abilities in conjunction with their technical skills. Organizations seek individuals who possess such talents. The CPSM certification is a significant credential for those seeking career advancement and recognition in the field of product safety management for the purpose of entrusting to them critical responsibilities  and authority.

 Concepts and Philosophy

1. Product safety is most effectively achieved through a mutli-disciplinary approach utilizing engineering, environmental, and health science, behavioral science, economics, management science, and related disciplines. 

2. Hazardous situations and accidents, which reflect weakness and failure in the managerial control system, can be predicted by utilizing a systematic approach involving hazard identification, accident analysis, scientific accident reconstruction, and program evaluation. 

3. The product safety manager serves as a catalyst by identifying hazards which contribute to accidents and bring to bear those elements of the management system having responsibility and resources for corrective action. Identifying potential hazards with products before any damage is done can be beneficial both to the health in some cases to consumers and financial savings to organizations if problems are identified early.  

4. Among the desirable personal characteristics of product safety managers, one of the most important is the ability to get along with and achieve results through other managers. 

5. It takes a coordinated effort on ALL levels of line and staff management to reduce or eliminate product hazards and most effectively apply "men, machines, materials, methods, money, management, marketing and minutes" for optimum results. 

6. Through certification of product safety managers, the "common body of knowledge" in the safety field is focused upon product liability prevention in the most positive way, thereby providing the product safety professional with universally applicable principles and practices relating to product safety. 

7. Maintainability safety is to be recognized as a major element in total product safety assurance in addition to the more commonly recognized problems relating to operational safety.

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