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Since we opened our doors in 2005, Safety Training Innovators has been helping students fulfill their potential.

Our professional staff travels all over North America and internationally providing professional educational workshops on a variety of safety and hazard control topics. We provide certifications to individuals looking to enhance their knowledge; companies committed to providing credentials to their employees to help sharpen their skills and individuals needing credentials to complement their current skills. These certifications stress the application of managerial techniques to remove or control unsafe and unhealthy conditions, behavior and other factors detrimental to people and property.


The Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP) credentialing program offers healthcare personnel working in a variety of positions to earn a prestigious designation that is highly recognized. CHSP credential holders work in areas such as safety, security, occupational health, nursing, administration, risk management, quality improvement, facility management, biomedical engineering, hazardous material management, emergency management, fire safety, consulting, and environmental services.


The Certified Safety and Health Manager (CSHM) program recognizes safety and health professionals who demonstrate knowledge of health and safety management skills and techniques through examination and experience. This program recognizes those who can apply a wide range of health and safety management tools. A successful safety and health manager must possess understanding of related issues such as hazard analyses, safety audits/surveys, accident/incident investigations, workers’ compensation, product safety, environmental laws, quality, and labor relations. 


The Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional (CHEP) credential is for anyone working to lead or support disaster/emergency planning, management, mitigation, and response activities related to healthcare facilities. The CHEP attracts personnel working full-time in emergency and disaster positions or part-time in an additional duty capacity including consultants.


The Certified Hazard Control Manager (CHCM) program focuses on managing hazard control and safety programs. The CHCM personnel comes from various industries including transportation, government, manufacturing, system safety, education, insurance, and mining. CHCM professionals oversee a number of hazard control-related programs such as safety, occupational health, environmental management, system engineering, industrial hygiene, fire safety, product safety, hazardous materials management, and other related disciplines.


The Certified Product Safety Manager (CPSM) credential is for safety professionals dedicated to the safe manufacture, sale, distribution, and use of a variety of products including consumer goods, foodstuffs, and medical equipment. The challenging CPSM exam focuses on topics such as system safety methods, regulatory issues, warranties, product recalls, and comprehensive product development programs. For more information, click here


The Certified Patient Safety Officer (CPSO) designation recognizes healthcare professionals dedicated to developing, improving, and implementing effective safety cultures in healthcare facilities and organizations.  The CPSO designation would be appropriate for risk managers, quality coordinators, nursing supervisors, safety directors, patient safety officers, consultants, physicians, and other qualified allied health professionals.


The CHCM designation, established in 1976, focuses on the importance of using management and hazard control principles to improve the safety and health of various types of organizations. Given the increasing relationship between safety and security, the IBFCSM partnered with one of the world's leading security companies (G4S) to create the CHCM-SEC designation. Organizations need professional hazard control managers that understand how safety and security management principles support accident prevention and loss reduction efforts. For more information, click here


 The CSMP (Certified Safety Manager Practitioner) designation, The Certified Safety Management Practitioner (CSMP) designation recognizes those whose duties include performing occupational safety and health management activities either on a part-time or full-time basis. The CSMP program recognizes people who demonstrate knowledge of health and safety management skills and techniques through examination and experience. This certification recognizes those who have attained a level of knowledge, training and experience to competently manage a safety and health program. The CSMP designation can help strengthen future career choices and provide a competitive edge. For more information, click here


IBFCSM launched the credential to meet the need for a practical but 'professional credential' for those working in the public, private, and governmental positions related to emergency/disaster management. Personnel serving in the following related functions may qualify to sit for the Exam: (1) emergency/disaster managers or coordinators, (2) public health department personnel including infection prevention professionals, (3) federal, state, and local governmental personnel performing emergency related responsibilities, (4) hazardous material managers, (5) first responders including fire and law enforcement professionals, (6) emergency medical technicians,  (7) emergency, safety, and management consultants, (8) occupational safety and health managers, (9) hazard control professionals, (10) private security officers,  (11) emergency  volunteers, and (12) any others who work in functions related to emergency and disaster management. The exam addresses emergency planning, management, response, and mitigation concepts. It also addresses emergency related standards and/or best practices from reliable sources including organizations such as:  FEMA, DHS, DHHS, NFPA, ASTM, ANSI, NRC, CDC, EPA, and OSHA.

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Safety Training Innovators is one of the leading providers of preparation courses for both the International Board for Certification Services and Management (IBFCSM) and the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM).


Safety Training Innovators was created with the main goal of providing top quality workshops to Safety Professionals who want to achieve industry recognized Safety credentials

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